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Christina Kwek

... Thanks for assisting us with Ms Wong as a tutor for Darius, he improved a lot and managed to make it to the express stream after getting back the PSLE results today. It is a relief, especially since he failed most of his subjects for SA1.."

Mrs Christina Kwek
Rulang Primary School (For PSLE 2017)

Ms Nori

...Hi Nanyang Academics! I wish to express my heartfelt THANK YOUS to Ethan especially, for recommending Ms Elim Cheng (GP) & Ms Wong Hsi Wen (Econs) for my daughter Dhiya. She did quite well-A for GP & earned a place in NTU. Thank you! Very much appreciated!...."

Ms Nori
Parent - JJC

Priscilla Low (Jasmine's mother)

... Thankfully, we managed to pull Jasmine's math scores from low 60's to an A for the recently concluded PSLE. I would like to thank Ethan for his patience and for keeping his promise of creating a study plan together with the tutor to help Jasmine. I'm pleased with your value added services..."

Priscilla Low (Jasmine's mother),
Townsville Primary School

Mrs Leong

... Jerome did very well under Ms Quah's help for his PSLE and managed an A* for his English. Quite unexpected, other subjects he managed an A. Thank you for recommending her. Please take note of my feedback! .."

Mrs Leong
Peiying Primary School (For PSLE 2017)

Mdm Kuek

... Thank you for recommending Pamela at such short notice.We managed to get Brandon into the express stream. It has been a very stressful 3 months after his SA1 where he barely passed his math and science. Appreciate the help..."

Mdm Kuek
Bedok Reservoir View

Mrs Ou (Parent of Huixian)

... Huixian received her O level results yesterday and we're pleased that the last 4 months of intensive tutoring allowed her to achieve her 2 A1s in both E & A math. We would like to thank the team at Nanyang Academics especially Ms Fiona for her service and quick response to our requests. Most importantly, Sheena and Ms Wang for their dedication to my child during this period..."

Mrs Ou (Parent of Huixian)
Zhonghua Secondary School

Julia Pek

... Ethan followed up quickly for on my request for a JC2 Math teacher, my daughter enjoyed Ms Tay's lessons and she comes prepared with papers and resources. I appreciate the prompt service and follow up on my feedback.."

Priscilla Pek
Pioneer JC

Xue Lin

... Dear Ethan and the Nanyang Academics team, I just got my A'level results back and I achieved As in H2 math and physics, thank you Mr Simon Ng and Miss Juliana Tan for their dedication! It may not seem like a big deal from where I'm from but I'm just grateful that our hardwork has paid off..."

Xue Lin,
Raffles JC

Ng Yong Jie

... A big thank you to Mr Teo for his guidance as well as Nanyang Academics for being accomodating and making the entire recommendation process hassle free. I am happy with my results in the A levels of 5As and 1 B..."

Ng Yong Jie
Hwa Chong Institution

Mr Ravi

... Dear Nanyang Academicsthank you for introducing Physics Teacher Mr Brandon to support my daughter Nikhila to get A2 in O Level Physics. He was very helpful to push her grades up from mid year to prelims, helping her stay consistent all the way to O levels..."

Mr Ravi (Parent)
Daughter in Meridian Secondary Sch

Mrs Auyong

... Mrs Auyong here, Jeremy achieved 258 for his PSLE this year, and we would like to express our thanks to his tutor, Peishan and Joanne for their efforts in making this possible. He has applied to the IP program at Dunman High..."

Mrs Auyong
Jeremy was from Tao Nan School

Mrs Liew

... I think I may speak for all other parents that the PSLE is one of the most trying periods for both the child and the parent. When my child came back with just passes for his mid-terms, we panicked and approached Nanyang Academics for help in recommending a tutor. Thankfully, with intensive sessions 4 times a week, he was able to achieve an aggregate score of 247 for his PSLE. A lot of this was due to Simin's commitment. Thanks for everything..."

Mrs Liew
Nanyang Primary School


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