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Tamil Tuition

Tamil Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, there are a number of Indians that makes up the population in the country. These Indians love to have their children speak their mother tongue, Tamil. At school, Indian children will opt for Tamil as their second choice instead of Chinese or any other language in order for them to embrace their cultural background and heritage in their mother tongue.  Singapore schools make it mandatory for students to learn a second language because they know the importance of the mother tongue and give their students the opportunity to choose any language of their choice.

It is not safe to allow your child’s school teacher do a full job of teaching your child Tamil. This is because there can never be enough time and one on one session with your child to make him/her understand Tamil. Also, busy parents do not have the time and patience to teach their children Tamil as they have a lot in their plates as parents to handle. Therefore, it is advisable that you get a private tutor who will teach your child Tamil in the comfort of your home and spend quality time with your child.

Our very smart Tamil tutors will teach your child Tamil language with ease and make your child to be consistent with learning Tamil until your child is very good with the language. Our Tamil tutors will also teach your child how to read and understand Tamil as well as write Tamil in a very short time. Also, our private tutors assist your child with Tamil homework from school until your child is comfortable enough to handle school assignments on his or her own. With our private tutors, your child can excel in Tamil language in school and score good grades in home work and assessments as well as school exams. Apart from excelling in school, your child will also have Tamil language embedded in him or her that will last for a very long time and communicating properly and fluently with other Indians who speak Tamil will not be a challenge. Our private tuition is affordable and we deliver quality tutor services. Your children do not have to go to training centers that is basically like their school classrooms with less one on one training interactions. Our home tutors teach your child Tamil in the comfort of your home to give your child maximum attention.
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