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Secondary School Tuition

Secondary School is where all kids ‘discover’ themselves. Since at this stage most children are in their teenage phase, they treasure and carry with them most of their memories in secondary school for the rest of their life. Most of us will also admit that it’s in secondary school that we were most mischievous, confused and determined, and it’s where we got some of our best friends that remained friends for life.

The Singapore Secondary Education curriculum is one of the most unique and most rigorous in the world. Students are expected to take up eight to nine different classes, and at the end of the secondary school stage take up GCE ‘O’ Level exams.  These exams, which are now being given by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in partnership with Cambridge University, determine if the student will proceed to an Institute of Technical Education (ITE), a Polytechnic, or to Junior College.

Secondary School is challenging for most students because of the increased difficulty level in comparison to what they were previously used to in primary school. The system is also extremely competitive, in addition to the pressure of students knowing that this stage will curve their career paths.

This pressure to succeed in the demanding secondary school curriculum requires that students put in extra effort, not merely relying on school learning. For this reason, parents and students opt for tuition from when they pass the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) to when they are ready to sit for the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations.

Tuition and Assistance Options for Secondary School Students

What are the tuition and assistance options for secondary school students?

The four to five school years that a child spends in secondary school can either spell out their prosperity, or failure in life. The challenges of copying with the expectations of high performance in a highly-performing system can either break of build a child, depending on how they are prepared for it. Adequate preparation involves tuition, which can take on several faces.

  • Private tuition for which put focus on individual subject learning. These include secondary English tuition, secondary science or Chinese tuition, Secondary maths tuition amongst others.

  • Individualized home tuition where the tutor can tailor the lesson plans based on individual students leaning capabilities. This helps your child to be de-stressed as they can learn and understand better.

  • Personal tutors help your child gain confidence in themselves as they can be free to ask numerous questions without feeling embarrassed.

Finding the right tuition agency can help your child develop not only a unshakable education foundation, but also acquire skills like creative and critical thinking that are more challenging to acquire in group learning.
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