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How can a school teacher help your child?

We classify MOE school teachers as those who are
1. Current school teachers under MOE employment
2. Former teachers who have left the teaching service and are giving tuition full-time now

Knowledge of MOE syllabus and examiners' psyche

School teachers as a category are most valued by parents and students for their intimate knowledge of the education syllabus and curriculum. They are also familiar with the exam marking scheme as some of them are tasked with setting school papers themselves. This familiarity may also translate into ability to spot potential questions and trends in examination papers.
Professional Educators
Having undergone training at the National Institute of Education (NIE), where they graduate with a Diploma in Education and are equipped with stronger teaching and communication ability compared with other category of tutors. Together, as a result of the above factors, makes them highly demanded by parents.
Commitment level & Price
However, some parents have feed backed that they have run into difficulties scheduling tuition with current school teachers as a result of their ongoing school commitments. It can be challenging for them to juggle both school (their students from school) and your child (private tuition). This has seen parents opting to go for former school teachers instead!
A MOE teacher does not come cheap, with primary school teachers charging a minimum of $45 per hour to $120 per hour for a junior college lecturer.

For more information on the different types of tutors and their rates, click here.

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