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Primary School Tuition

Are you worried that the Singapore education system is over tempestuous and that your child will be unable to cope? You are not alone. The Singapore education system, according to the result of international educational research, is amongst the top three most demanding systems in the world. Children are introduced into the system when they are about 6 years old and are expected to be in the system for up to 12 years.

The first stage in the Singapore education system is Primary school. Children first go through lower primary where they’re mainly taught mathematics, science, English and mother tongue. Next they advance to upper primary. Currently upper primary consists of subject-based banding, although it was previously was structured to focus on Streaming Exercise. Subject-based banding puts focus on individualized learning, tuning pupils to learn at their individual capabilities and pace.

Even with the paradigm shift on the focus of education at upper primary level, children still undergo a lot of pressure to perform for entry into a ‘better’ class. It’s not just the pressure that’s brought by subject-based banding, but also the pressure of examinations, tests and frequent tests all through the year.

How can upper primary students in Singapore cope with the pressure of the education system?

The education system in Singapore does not aim at producing book-smart children, but also students who are creative, and problem-focused. Your child cannot achieve this by only going for the normal week day lessons. They have to go an extra mile. As a result, most parents employ the services of tuition agencies to offer private tuition or home tuition for their kids, in addition to allowing their children to attend extra hours of study after school hours.

What are the benefits of primary tuition for students in Singapore?

The best, and the only one proven to work to help your child cope with the demanding education system at primary school is tuition.  The benefits of primary tuition include:

  1. It will give your child a competitive edge over their peers and help them outshine the others.

  2. You child will be better capable of correcting their mistakes early and learn critical thinking skills.

  3. Private tuition and home tuition can help parents keep better track of their child’s performance.

  4. Tutors can assist enhance your child’s understanding using individualized lesson plans and comprehensive revision exercises.

Because of the rigorous curriculum in the primary education in Singapore, parents are encouraged to introduce primary tuition to their children as early as possible.
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