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Malay Tuition

Education is a great value added to every child and parents want to ensure that they give their children the best quality education they can ever get. In as much as the major language spoken by so many of us in Singapore is the English language, most of us do not want to lose the value of our mother tongue that was instilled to us from the early generations.

Today, most parents are concerned that their children will find it challenging to understand and speak their mother tongue. This is because our children are surrounded by people from all works of life who speaks English and not Malay language.

Malay Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, the Malays are the minority but they take very serious their mother tongue as a vast number of them communicate and understand each other through it. In as much as it is a language taken serious in Singapore, most children still find it challenging as their parents are either too busy to spend time teaching them their mother tongue or  are not patient enough to wait for their children to grab the language as fast as they should. If you are a parent and you find yourself in this position, then the best thing to do is to hire a home tutor Singapore can ever offer and provide home tuition for your child to have a private tutor who will spend quality time educating your child in his or her mother tongue.

Parents love to see their children fluent in both English language and their mother tongue. Also, schools only have a limited time in a week to teach Malay and their teachers give homework to students that find it difficult to achieve them. We run the best home tuition agency Singapore parents can afford and we have well educated and easy going Malay tutors that are ready to train your child in his or her mother tongue. Our private tutors will have a one on one time with your child, skilfully teaching your child his or her mother tongue in a very simple and understanding manner so your child do not depend on text books or other sources of information to learn the language as this can either be frustrating or become a very slow process of learning. With our Malay tutors, your child has his or her mother tongue at his or her finger tips.
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