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JC Tuition

JC Tuition

Junior College (JC) is the A level academic road that most students in Singapore choose to go through after their secondary education. The decision to undertake this two-year crush course is not easy to make since for most students this means either making it to college, or making it nowhere.

Junior College is not like going to Polytechnic or to a Technical Institution. While going through the other systems will result in you coming out with a diploma, in Junior college if you don’t pass your A levels and go to the University there will be literally no career ladder for you to climb, let alone career opportunities.

The reality of the expected outcome from Junior College is what makes many students extremely anxious to make it through. Taking private JC tuition can help your child be prepared better to tackle their A level exams.

What does JC tuition offer?

JC tuition offers assistance with several college subjects including H1/H2 (chemistry, Biology, Physics), Principles of Accounting, GP, H1/H2 math, and humanities (economics, literature, history). The tuition period can either be short term or long term tuition depending on individual needs.

Students who are from secondary schools, and not IP schools always have more difficulty adopting to the 2-year crash course that is completed with difficult GCE A’ Level examinations. The many subjects offered in JC in addition to CCAs, Project Work (PW) and the Mother tongue course can be really overwhelming.

Why should your child attend Private JC Tuition?

JC tuition will benefit your child in a lot of ways. Some of the benefits are:

  • Your child can be assisted by experts who were previously working with Ministry of Education Singapore, and therefore know what is expected of the students.

  • There is no pressure in attending classes during private home tuition. When your child learns in a comfortable place under no duress, they tend to grasp concepts faster.

  • JC tuition will help weak students bridge the learning gap. Since students have different levels of understanding and adapt differently to JC from secondary school, JC tuition can help the weak ones catch up to their peers.

How does one get a trustable JC tutor?

There are many agencies coming up to offer tuition services in Singapore, but some of these don’t have qualified tutors. The best way to eliminate the best ones is to only select a tuition agency that have their  registration details on the internet, or in their Singapore office.

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