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JC H1/H2 Math Tuition

One of the most important subjects being taught at all levels is the mathematics. It is the subject that starts with basic numeracy and gradually becomes complex with the level of education. At the secondary level, it reaches the peak of its complexity that often tutors are needed to make up the deficiency of student. At junior college level this mathematics is divided into two parts the H1 and the H2. Although both this mathematics are a lot complex and students become unable to learn the formulas, yet H2 level mathematics is much more difficult than H1. In Singapore, there are a lot of junior college tuition available to cope with the needs of increasing number of students.

At the college level, the students realize that they need tutor for mathematics when they find the subject much different and difficult than those at secondary level. When they find it difficult to keep pace with daily work routine, they ask the parents to search Math tuition for them.

Why to Hire Math Tuition

Math is considered the most difficult subject and its formulas become complex at college level. The class teachers have not enough time to concentrate individually on suffering students because they have limited time and long course to complete. Therefore, it is always better to arrange a home tuition to make up the deficiencies of mathematics in students. It is the duty of parents to ask the children about their weaknesses and upon their briefing arrange to make up for those weaknesses.

Benefit from Their Experiences

Another reason to hire Math tutors is to take advantage of their own experiences. This is because they have learnt all those formulas and assignments through some special coaching and they put their own learning experiences on their students to make them learn them in the same way. Their experiences help them better understand the problems the students are facing. They have also gone through same problems in their student age and possess a lot of experiences to overcome those.

Help Students Make Practice

Mathematics is such a subject as learnt through practicing. Hiring a home tuition helps the children to do more and more practice under the tutor’s supervision. This practice gradually increases their grip on the subject and they become used to it. This practice will make a lot of difference when compared with other class students.


To sum up, it can be argued that subjects like mathematics are difficult to cover without the help of junior college tuition which help the students to learn all the formulas at finger tips.

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