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IP Science Tuition in Singapore

The Integrated Program (IP) is an infusion of upper secondary and JC education that gives Secondary students the option of proceeding to JC without taking ‘O’ level exams. In schools offering IP, both the academic and non-academic curriculum for students are greatly stretched.

The attractive aspect of the IP program is that you are able to skip the O level exams, which many students would love. However, it’s not all milk and honey for the students who choose this path as it puts even greater pressure for them to pass the ‘A’ level exams. Your child risks getting only a PSLE certificate in the event that they don’t pass these exams.

For your child to perform well in the A level exams, they should have mastered the basic knowledge from secondary school. The child should have constant good performance track record because if they lag behind they will be incapable of tackling the A level exams.

Many parents who have their children undertaking the IP program will opt for private home IP tutors. An IP tutor can help keep your child on the track so that they don’t laze around in the comfort of not having to take the ‘O’ level examinations.

Although most students that undertake the IP program were considered high-performance in their secondary school stage, the opportunity to proceed directly to Junior College is not supposed to decrease their performance ability. The IP syllabus is a lot more brutal and complicated although this may depend on individual IP schools.

Why do IP students in Singapore need tuition?

The rigorous nature of the IP syllabus can be challenging for most students. Without a qualified and experienced IP tutor, your child can get over stressed with the work load and lose focus on the overall goal of the IP program.

Tuition for IP students have the option that they can be offered both privately at home and through group tuition in the School. The tuition plans for individual tuition subjects are always tailored specific to the individual learners needs. Your child can explore the syllabus to greater depth since they have more time and space.

Having an IP tutor assist your child from home gives the child freedom to interact more with the teacher, and together they can identify specific problematic areas. Even better, your child is at liberty to explore all their curiosity on the different subjects. With an IP tutor, your child will have all the support they need through their journey through the IP program, and they won’t be left behind in class work.
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