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Chinese Tuition

Chinese Tuition

Chinese is a language that is offered by schools in Singapore. This is a language that many students face problems with and the reason behind that is lace of practice and understanding. Chinese is one of the mother languages, yet many students are very weak in it. Since Singapore is a country where there is diversity, most people prefer to communicate in English because that is what everyone understands. Negligence is given to Chinese and that is increasing day by day. Even the parents prefer to communicate in English with their children and thus this doesn’t give the students a chance to practice speaking the second language.

Private Chinese Tuition

Many students feel that Chinese is not an important subject; however what they fail to realize is that they will have to become good at it when giving bigger examinations like PSLE or O levels. When it comes to learning another language, a lot of effort and patience is required. When that time comes, many parents seek help. This is when we come in; we provide Chinese home tuition for all those students in need.

There may be plenty of ways to get better in this subject, but the best one is through a home tutor. A private Chinese tutor will help your child become better in Chinese. With Chinese tuition Singapore, your child will be able to enjoy learning with qualified and experienced tutors who will guide them to excelling in Chinese. Having private tuition will allow any student to understand the subject so much better and according to their own pace.

Our private Chinese tutor has experience in teaching the language, so he/she will easily be able to adjust the teaching style, content and format according to each child. Our tutors understand that each child is different and learns at his/her own pace. This is why the home tutors develop a program that is tailored to meet a child’s individual needs.

Don’t waste any more time thinking about this. If your child is weak in Chinese, than a home tutor is exactly what is needed. Get your child the help he/she needs. As we have a wide range of tutors who can help your child grow and create an interest for Chinese. We have the best home tutors in Singapore, so you can expect them to do an amazing job in helping your child learn Chinese. With our help, your child will excel in the subject!

Singapore is a country of diversity, and thus most people nowadays prefer to communicate in English, leaving the new generation unfamiliar with the Chinese language. In day to day life, parents may not feel the need for teaching Chinese as a subject to their children but for students aiming for PSLE or O level examination, learning the Chinese language is important.

Chinese is one of the most challenging languages to master, but if you motivate your children to learn Chinese as a subject from an early age and polish their skills by telling them to use it in their daily conversation, then they will definitely learn this language by heart.

Moreover, if you are looking for a professional Chinese tuition in Singapore to help your child gain better command over Chinese, then you can always trust the name of Nanyang Academics. We offer:
  • • Private home tuitions to understand the needs of your child and offering them 100% attention from the tutor.
  • • With our flexible timing, you need not worry about your or your child's schedule.
  • • Our qualified Chinese tutors are well familiar with the syllabus and exam format for exams like O level, PSLE, etc.
  • • Improving their skills and removing their fear in one-to-one tutor-student set-up.

Do you have professional teachers for Chinese?

Yes! We have a team of certified tutors that are capable of making Chinese classes easy to understand for students.

How well students learn after joining Chinese tuitions at Nanyang Academics?

We strive to bring visible improvement in grades and the learning process. The earlier students join Chinese classes, the sooner they will be confident in the subject.

What if I miss a lesson?

We do provide follow up classes as well to make sure students will not miss any class. Moreover, we conduct specialized classes for students according to their needs and comfort.

What are the charges of Chinese classes?

It depends on the levels you would like to join. We always provide affordable quotes for Chinese learning.
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