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AEIS Tuition

Every year in Singapore, international students who wish to join primary and secondary schools in the country are required to undergo an Admission Exercise for International Students that is organized by the Ministry of Education. Do you have a child that is preparing to take this very tasking exam? Let us help you to put your child through the requirements needed to pass with flying colors.

AEIS Tuition in Singapore

We are a home tuition agency with private tuition services in Singapore. We ensure that we give your child all it takes to pass the AEIS exams as we spend quality time impacting knowledge to your child even at the comfort of your home. Of course there are many private tutor Singapore has but we can assure you that we deliver the most quality services as we do not leave every stone unturned in our tutoring services.

From knowledge of syllabus structure to teaching them mathematics and English as basic subjects, we offer the best home tuition. We go as far as helping in the proccess of submitting documents for AEIS application, following up on receiving entry proofs for your child’s test and using our knowledge of the exam structure to properly guide your child in answering questions correctly in the exam hall as AEIS exams can be very competitive. Once we are done with assisting your child on the right track of passing AEIS exams, we check the outcome on the internet and we are sure to hear good news as we ensure that your child report to school at the end of the process.

Having AEIS exams is a tedious one; it’s not something your child can handle alone no matter how smart your child may seem to be. As an international student coming into Singapore from a different cultural background and educational structure, it will be very difficult for you and your child to figure this out on your own that is why our private tutor gives your child all the confidence and knowledge needed to scale through no matter how challenging and scary it might be. We are here to make every child be confident and smart enough to pass the AEIS exams the smart way irrespective of cultural background and past educational experience. Our tuition agency comprises of tutors that are experienced in using different teaching techniques to make your child very successful with the AEIS exams.

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